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Help Hardcut BMW E60 530DA 2004 M57 218HP


Already have my M57 tuned but the car has no hardcut (or apparently not well tuned on). Could someone take a quick look at the file and tell me how add a hardcut on it or maybe do a quick (freebie) hardcut for it?

It measured 289hp and 620nm on dyno
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Honda Accord 2.2 ictdi, 2006

Hello pals,

Straight to the case:

Currently running stage 3 on my car.
Modifications: Hybrid turbo, FMIC, ceramic clutch, free flow 2.5' exhaust.

Turbo maker says to achieve 220-240 ps i need to boost turbo to 1.65-1.7 BAR.

Chiptuning company where i have my car mapped said that turbo wasnt responding on the pressure request. After they overboosted turbo, it started to push over default, which is 1 BAR. They reached 1.45 BAR and then ...
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golf 5 1.9tdi boost problem


can someone check logs and tell me why i have overboost from 2-3k rpm and underboost after 3k rpm.
I have soft stage 1 260nm 118hp (oem 210nm 90hp) with untouched boost maps (there was no need to raise these values to gain this power)

No limp mode, I think this must be hardware problem not a tune. What you guys think, what would be the problem?


Thanks for ...
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HI to all I need orginal file for Peugeot 307 100kw SID803A:

SID803A 5ws40313B-T SW/HW - 9662907080/9655534080

Thanks for help.
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edc15c2 ecotune

What i have to lower to make car less smoke. Ill cant pass the MOT and need to make car less smoke.
what ill need to lover? injection part of throttle and phase of injection?
Or maybe someone can make it for me.
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How do you see this STAGE 1 +EGR OFF +DPF OFF? Volvo S40 II

Volvo S40 II 1.6 109hp (PSA Motor)

- Stage 1
- EGR Off
- DPF Off

I want someone with experience in ECU's to take a look at this tuning. It is a STAGE 1. Thank you. Could you also confirm that the EGR and DPF are deactivated? thank you so much
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2JZ Reving Problem

Hello good day,
I have been struggling on my 2JZ project for a while now. It is a 2JZ Gte with TT Mod (stock turbos). It is installed in my pandem E46 drifter. I first ran it on the stock ecu and then suddenly had fuel cuts at about 4000 rpm. I then redid the entire wiring harness and converted to EMU Classic & R8 coils.

Under load, the engine still does not turn over ...
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renault traffic edc16cp33

need stage 1 or mappack for traffic '06 115cv
EDC16CP33 1037386559
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EDC16C34 1.6TDCI

Hello to everyone,
I would like to received little help from you guys for the following case
The car is ford focus 1.6tdci i'm struggling to find where the NM limiter is or if it has one.What i found on the diagnostic log is that car can't pull over 200 ft/lb which is around 270nm.. even if i trick the fuel via "Lambda" on the 3thgear i can see plenty of fuel around 70mm3 but ...
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