Few questions about tuning 1.5dci

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Few questions about tuning 1.5dci

Postby display1 » Sat Feb 10, 2024 2:50 pm

Hello guys, I have few questions about 1.5dci 110hp/240nm it's incredibly economical but would like to get a bit more power out of it.
Most Stage 1 tunes promise around 130hp/300nm. Does someone know what is done to achive that? I heard small injectors are limiting factor on those engines. I took a look at some stats in Torque. Under WOT I saw 1600bar fuel pressure and achived 47mg/cp of flow. What would be values on remapped one? Bonus question: I saw differencial pressure in my DPF as high as 250mbar at WOT >3000rpm it was at 25g almost before regeneration. Never had any issues with dpf on this car but is this too much? At idle I'm under 10mbar and holding 3000revs in neutral it's under 70-80mbar

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