BMW MS42 AD version virgin file to write with VIN/ISN

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BMW MS42 AD version virgin file to write with VIN/ISN

Postby se93 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:50 am

Hello to all

I am trying to write a spare BMW MS42 with a virgin file that includes the ISN and VIN of the original dme. I have modified the virgin file with my car’s VIN/ISN but Jmflasher will not write this file. I have used the ultimo checksum utility and it says the following: check zones: 2 corrected:0. So, is this indicative that the checksum needs to be corrected?

I have no problems writing the virgin AD software file and the boot-mode full read CA version of my original dme with Jmflasher to my spare dme. My interest is to write my spare dme so its a clone of my original except i am using AD and not CA version software

I am not sure if the boot-mode full read of my spare dme is needed for this, but unfortunately i did not save a copy. I do have the assembly number/software number and other data provided by using the code function in INPA

Any help to get this resolved will be appreciated. Files can be provided upon request.

Thank you

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