Recover an Edc15c2 - Boot mode or take off 29f400Bt

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Re: Recover an Edc15c2 - Boot mode or take off 29f400Bt

Postby stanleybg » Fri Oct 30, 2015 10:48 pm

I count 5 second for boot mode not 3.Try 5 seconds :)

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Re: Recover an Edc15c2 - Boot mode or take off 29f400Bt

Postby gerass » Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:35 pm

Another story: Object: Citroen C5 2002 2.2l 4HX. EDC15C2 single connector. Tool: Galletto 1260. Tryed to reflash ECU with modified firmware. Readed original, everything OK. When tryed to write got an error and ECU dead. Battery as in perfect condition and it can't be an cause. Maybe because of cable extander. Maybe... Tryed to reanimate in boot mode - no luck, no way. Last chance - removing of EPROM and programing i external programmer. As a programmer was used EZOflash, especialy designed for programing of EPROM, PROM, FLASH and other memory chips. Can be done by any electronic amateur. After reading the content of flash chip I foud it fuly erased, all FFFF. Writed original soft, soldered chip back into ECU and voala... ECU works.

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Re: Recover an Edc15c2 - Boot mode or take off 29f400Bt

Postby Romzi » Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:08 pm

stanleybg wrote:Ok if that helps someone.....Today i did boot mode with ECU on the car and it works.Car is Peugeot 406 Coupe 2.2HDi 2004 year EDC15C2
1.I removed the battery negative.
2.Turned ignition ON.
3.Conected MPPS to car EOBD and started the software.
4.Then opened the ECU casing.
5.After that conected the boot pin to 29F400 and my friend conected the negative terminal.I waited 5 second with boot cable ( 5kOm ) then removed boot cable.
6.Choosed in MPPS General - Me7.XXX writing ok.All was fine.Tried this procedure for reading and was fine ,too.
I hope this helps someone :)

You saved my life! :lol:
I accidentally locked wife's car ECU (Citroen Xsara). This one worked like a charm. TNX

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