Peugeot 406 RHZ 110 LE rattle problem remap okay?

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Peugeot 406 RHZ 110 LE rattle problem remap okay?

Postby user202 » Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:59 am

Hi Guys,

My proper introdution is find in the Introduce myself topic. :)
Few words from myself.
I'm new in ECU tuning I started to learn from March '18
I try my wings with my and friends Peugeot cars. EDC15C2 (307 RHS; 306 RHY, 406 RHZ)

I would like ask for some help.
One of my best friend’s car which I would like to tune properly is a Peugeot 406 RHZ 110 LE (2004) Manual 5. (372 000 km)
The car with this setup is starting to rattle from about 2000 rpm to 3000rpm at full throttle. Under and above no rattling.
Medium throttle is lighter but I can hear that.

The basic things what I would like to do:
- to make 1,415 Bar boost pressure to not hit the 1,5 bar map sensor measuring tolerance.
- Calculating the MAF regarding boost pressure the maximal MAF = 499,5 ccm*2,415=1206 mg/str. in paper of course.
- Try to guess a not much smoky AFR:
17,7 – 17,8 --> ~1210/17,7=68,36 mg convert to mm3 is divided by 0,836 = 81,77 mm3 at peak MAF.
- As for the Lexia PP2000 Measurement that boost in real is 2425 mbar and MAF= 1250 or rarely over 1280-1300.
- So I tried to adding more fuel, like 85 mm3 (2000-2750 rpm) but the rattle still come out from the engine.
- The car has a black smoke from 1700-4200rpm. Not a very thick black smoke but it can produce some visible.

What do you advise?
Do you have any guess what can be the problem?

Are the file created by me is okay?
If no, where I made mistakes and I would like to learn about it.

(Durations; SOI; Rail maps are original)

The original file made by try to copy back the orignal maps from another 110HP HDI ori file.
(Previously another tuner makes some changes and doesn’t have the original .bin file)

HW: 028101133810
SW: 1037364408B0
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my cars:
Peugeot 307 SW HDi RHS @own remap
Peugeot 306 XS 1.8 16v LFY standard
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