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Hi people!

I need to DTC OFF flash file Lucas DCU3R from a Renault Clio II 1.9D.

The problem is that the pump has been changed by another one that has been adapted to the vehicle. Now the vehicle works like a charm Drive, but engine MIL is ON Headbang

Regarding to diagnosis, all DTCs are related to sensors etc... of the pump (that are no longer connected).

DF065 Fuel Debit Actuator Circuit
DF066 Fuel ...
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Idle rpm in motion edc16 1.9 tdi skoda

I want higher iddle rpm when the vehicle is moving to start at a lower car speed. Now it is above 4km / h and it works above 45C.
Do I find the correct maps?
1. 1E7E50 - rpm increase value
2. 1E8398 - threshold speed km / h
3. 1E8558 - activation temperature for increasing the rpm
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Alfa 147 1.9 JTD 115hp

Hello guys, I am kinda new to this still. It's an EDC15c7 ECU with software version : 354624
and Ecu #: 0281010332

This is an original stock file. I tried to find some of the maps the same way I did for my previous car (1.9 TDI with edc15), but I am doing something absolutely wrong. Even the torque limit map.. I just wasnt able to create it by selecting.

Are there any damos/map files ...
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2.0 TDI PD AZV 100kW EDC16U34 searching for maps

Hi, i want to remap my skoda octavia with 2.0 TDI PD AZV engine but i can't find ANY good maps in winols. Also none of map packs that i found seems to match my dump. Actually i flashed my modified bin but it was so wrong that i was lucky that car even started. I also managed to decrease power to from 136 to 123HP :lol: ...
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Switches in EDC15P

Hello guys,

for the past few months i have been working heavily on learning a lot about EDC15P's and dieseltuning in general. I am very grateful for this forum, the guides, and the numerous video's og youtube. All those have taught me a lot, and i am very satisfied with the outcome already. However i have come to something like a dead end now. The car i am working on is a 1.2 TDI Lupo ...
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Denso Nissan adresses

Since there is very little or no info on this ecu, maybe i can start by posting some adresses

This is file I found from this forum under "original ecu files" section, navarra 2,5 dci cr 126kw

what i found out at first glance:

- Map data is 16bit HiLO
- Map Axis are 32-bit Float HiLO

included mappack (can't really call it mappack lol) but still missing factors/offsets

also indentifying maps is a problem ...
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Bosch ME9.0 Mondeo

Hello I cant understand the values in Turbo pressure table is it hPa or so? And Spark Advance what is it in?
I use ECM for this.
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Amarok 2.0TDI 163BHP - Idling speed - EDC17CP20


Can someone tell me address for idling speed, please ?
I increased everything at address: 078324
No Change. Still 900 rpm

SW: 1037558512
VAG: 03L906019FA_9978
Enginecode: CDCA
2.0TDI - 163BHP

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Popcorn and Launch in Fiat Stilo 1.9 jtd 8v 115ps edc15c7

How to find a map. How to make Popcorn and Launch as on the video.
Thanks in advance :D .
ECU: 0281010337
Software: 366058
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Help find IQ for SOI map EDC15C2

Looking at the DAMOS for P-807, I noticed that the IQ axis for the SOI card is located at F10BE, in some projects and topics available on this site, information is provided that the axis starts at F1086. In my bin this 710BE and 71086.
How correctly?
In my bin this 710BE and 71086.
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