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Tools and programs used for car diagnostics


I wondering about getting me a Panasonic Tougbook CF-D1 for diagnostics. They look wery handy for the job.
But they run on Win 10 and im wondering wath diagnostic software that runs on Win 10 that is easy to aksess. I have used Wurth Wow 5.00.8 so far.
Any good ideas ?
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Audi 2.7 CANA need help

I have replaced the DPF and i can not reset it. Can anione help me? I have DPF erors. The didferent presure is 5mlbr.
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BOSCH MED17.4 citroen peugeot turbo 1.6 basic info

Hi everyone,

I found not much information on the net for ECU Bosch MED17.4. This ecu use for Prince engine earliest model eg Peugeot or Citroen 1.6 turbo 150HP/240Nm torque.

I'm trying to understand the circuitry to solved various issues:-

1. CAN bus comm failure, no communication with diagbox software
2. Random misfiring on all cylinder
3. Oil level gauge fault
4. Coolant temp high.

Anyone has internal circuit diagram, appreciate if could share for ...
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Access for nissan elgrand

Good day i have a nissan elgrand 2005 e51 and have nissan datascan 2 software using vag kkl409 adaptor
This only gives me access to ecm and abs but would like to get more especially bcm
Any advise on software to use and what ecu mods anyone has done out of interest
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Help with FVDI 2018 CAN bus Problem

Hello Guys,

Does anyone have faced or have a solution for CAN bus problem with FVDI 2018 China ?
my device works only with KLine modules and when I try to connect to any CAN module or use "Special Function" it doesn't connect.

I tested with Fiat Bravo and Fiat grand punto and used v 5.1 and v 5.7 and both of them didn't work.

I read one guy on another forum said he has ...
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Diagnostic tool (hardware/software) for Hako Citymaster 2000


I was wondering if anyone can give me an advice where to buy a diagnostic tool for the vehicle mentioned in the title. The vehicle has VW engine. Here's link from the vehicle >>
Here is an imgur album with pics from the vehicle >>

We would like to be able to solve the following issues:
1. Before an oil ...
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1.6 HDi 6.01mg/imp wieard injector correction

Hi there.
For some time I've been facing a rather frustrating situation. Whatever I do I can't get rid of this correction/s. Recently I refurbished the injectors ( 0445110297 ) and then tested on EPS 708 Bosch bench. They all are in perfect condition and got new IMA codes being complied with Bosch standards. I also installed another set ( 0445110259 ) with 0.xx my/imp corrections from a different car and nothing changed, on mine ...
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opcom 1.7 firmware


I need firmware 1.70 to 18f458. Anyone ?

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Opel Zafira Tourer C 1.6 dual fuel CNG, Bosch ME7.6.4

I am looking for an interface to my car, for a maximum of 100 USD, it can be a little more expensive, but without exaggeration.
There are a lot of cheap interfaces from china, but I have no idea what to look for, they have different markings - year, version number, e.g. from 1.59 to 1.99, some have pic18f458. As for a novice user, there is too much of it and I do not know ...
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AUDI A4 B5 2.4i V6 .1999 help!!!

hi there i am having a problem with this car audi 2.4 b5 v6 misfire under load.... i did alot of testing still no result .... the car idles queit fine but soon is you accelerate it will start to misfire you can hear the pops in the intake side only.... i already did scan for faults with VCDS no faults
i did check the ignition coil spark plugs everything is file no vacum leaks ...
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