Deere Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Technical Manual

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Deere Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Technical Manual

Postby Kevin77a5 » Wed Jul 10, 2024 4:00 am

Deere Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Technical Manual

Why aren't all the diagnostic trouble codes in the owner's manual? Some are listed there but not all. Service managers are busy so having to call just to find out what a code on the machine means seems like a waste of time for them and for me. It's a mechanical repair so it shouldn't be in the repair manual. Is this information in the operation and test manuals?

I'd like to know what's in the book before I shell out $600. Or is dealer software like Service Advisor the only way to find out? Perhaps someone who knows the entire diagnostic structure of a dealership could explain it all. If anyone has access to the codes, the two unknown codes I have are C00 875.04 (Armrest Controller) and C03 1001 01.09 (Corner Post Controller). I have a 9660STS Combine.

If you have a better answer, please contact me in time. If there is no reply, please send an email to:

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