My Car is IX35

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My Car is IX35

Postby chkim » Sun Feb 22, 2015 2:13 pm

Hellow i'm live in korea
my car is ix35 ... pg?type=w2 ... pg?type=w2

1. Suspention (NEOTECH)
2. 18inch Wheel + Bridgestone re002 245/40/18
3. OPEN INTAKE (HKS 200-100)
4. Exhaust system (single type Muffler, ∮160)
5. Turbo chager upgrade (Mixed Turbo)
6. ECU CHIP TUNE (268HP, 54 Torque)
7. Intercooler (300hp)
8. Transmission cooler + Thermostat (75C open)
9. Engien Oil cooler + [Thermostat] (85C open)
10. Front Strut Bar / Front Lower Bar / Rear Torsion Bar/ Front and Rear Stabilizer Bar

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Re: My Car is IX35

Postby noorine » Fri Apr 08, 2016 9:52 am

18inch Wheel was pretty ;)

تولید کننده ال ای دی های هوشمند . نئون و نور پردازی خودرو به صورت هوشمند و کنترل نورپردازی با گوشی اندروید و اپل
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