1.9TDI VP Stage3

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1.9TDI VP Stage3

Postby vdolek66 » Mon Sep 11, 2023 7:40 pm

Hello. ¨ I can handle a simple edit. But this is too complicated for me :( :D
First of all, I would like to introduce my car:

vw Caddy mk2 1,9D 47kw,
swap to ibiza 6K2 1,9TDI 66kw AGR.
ecu now EDC15V
the lower part of the engine is PD170
turbo GT1749VB
intercooler Ibiza 6l cupra
3bar MAP
EGR off, Kat off
injector 0,260
10mm head (11mm is already on the way :D )¨
ceramic clutch
Feed pump in the tank

I'm using this tweaked file I got from another car.
It seems to me that the car does not drive as it should and creates a lot of smoke. Can you please check it and possibly advise me what to edit.?


No error codes are stored in the ECU.
Excuse my English, I'm from abroad. :D

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