VAG EDC16 - mod file but still has fuel limit

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VAG EDC16 - mod file but still has fuel limit

Postby T4Nation » Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:38 pm

I have made a file for Leon 2.0 TDI140 but I cannot get the fuel to be over 60mg and torque over 350. Following fuel maps have been modified:

Driver wish (x14) starting 1864F0 & 1C23A4
Torque limit 18A624 & 1D172C
IQ limit via MAF 1D30BC
Nm to IQ 1D3FE6
Duration also changed but I'm assuming this issue is from a map calculating initial fuel demand.

I cant figure out what is causing limit in fuel. Can anyone suggest if I have missed something? Stock file attached
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