V1.2.7 PCMtuner Update FAQ

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V1.2.7 PCMtuner Update FAQ

Postby carobd2uk » Fri Aug 12, 2022 8:57 am

Just collected several questions about V1.27 PCMtuner.

Q1. Got the license file, why still prompt to send code?
A1. Need to put license file on "PCMtuner Flash" folder. If it still fails, please contact your seller. (better use Teamviewer)

Q2. After update, PCMflash says "USB dongle is not accessiable".
A2. No update about PCMflash is available now, PCMflash V1.2.7 is not available. When PCMflash or PCMtuner flash prompts you to update, click "No".

Q3. Already put license file on pcmtuner file, but it keeps prompting me to send code?
A3. Set the default opening mode of PCMtuner lincese to PCMtuner Flash, and make sure the file name is the same as below.
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