unsure if this is possible or where to post

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unsure if this is possible or where to post

Postby bradley » Tue Sep 21, 2021 8:25 pm

hi guys, have been let down by 6 people with this specific problem they all say they can and will but never show up.... so have decided to have a go myself.

have a bmw at my workshop came in as non runner, ecu has been swimming but can still communicate via obd port and have now put it in boot mode and read the ecu. have got second hand ecu to essentially clone the old one.

my problem is i think the where the ecu is damaged it has corrupted the file, kess tells it has a checksum/file error and can not write it..

my question is, if i upload the file to here (i have 2) can someone tell me if it is corrupted and if it fixable?

i have managed to read a back up file and write it to the new ecu, but it still will not run the car as it says the immobiliser does not match

is there any one that can and or will help me? sorry if this doesnt make sense i'm new to this

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