Tuning for economy MB 320 cdi

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Tuning for economy MB 320 cdi

Postby johnbuz » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:16 am


I'm booked to do a charity rally from St Austell to Pompeii, and back, in September.

A friend of my wife has given me an 'X' Reg E Class Estate 320CDi, it has a complete MB service history with 181000 on the clock.
(Straight 6 engine)

On a run cruising at 75/80 mph it is returning about 44mpg - which I thought was very good for such a big engine.

I see from this forum that you guys are modifing maps to increase power etc, is it possible to edit a map to give better economy?

The rally will involve driving about 5000 miles over 7 days so its quite intense and even a slight increase in fuel ecomony will make a big cost difference.

Anyone able to help, or is it even possible?

PS I have mpps, not sure how to connect to 38 pin diag port thou!

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