Transit DPF ADBLUE delete problem

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Transit DPF ADBLUE delete problem

Postby RallyeGolf » Mon Nov 12, 2018 10:25 am

I have a 2016 Ford transit 2.2TDCi. ECU SID209. I send file to my tuner and made deletes. I write file back and all was fine until couple of thousand of Km later.

The car came back with Exhaust filter block msg in display I have no DTC's but the values of DPF is about 180%. If I made reset the car is OK for some time and again the same.

I have only disconnect ADBLUE module. Tuner said that I must disconnect DPF pressure and temp sensors but after I disconnect them the car doen't accelerate above 1300rpm. But I have no DTC's.

Anyone have any experience with such car? What I have to disconnect to have no fault ?

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