Stilo 150hp EDC16C39 EGR DPF REV limit OFF PROBLEM

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Stilo 150hp EDC16C39 EGR DPF REV limit OFF PROBLEM

Postby sandiego » Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:17 am


Due to DPF problem in my car, one of my friends company has switched off DPF/EGR/RevLimiter in my software. Filter inside is physically removed. I payed for it of course...
They said that ecu file has been changed correctly. Unfortunately i found some problem during using my car after DPF OFF.
1. Increasing consumption of fuel
2. Probably inection still gives more fuel than should be
3. Car smoke like during DPF burning.
4. Poor tourqe in Low RPM

Please see below information from MultiEcuScan. It is strange that value of clogging is 1000% - it is incorect.

- Filter Condition " NOT CLOGGED "
- Differential Pressure Sensor " 5mBar "
- Filter clogging " 1000% "
- Filter Temperature 999°C

Details about car and software.

Fiat Stilo 2006 FL, 150KM, 1.9MultiJet 16V,
hardware: 0281012306
hardware version: 00
software: 1037381317
version: 33442
Bosch EDC16C39 CF4/EOBD

I attached two files (original and after DPF remove).

Would you please kindly check these files and give me solution of this problem?
Would you please work on these files and send me revised it to be correct?
The tunning company which done it cannot help me in this matter. I hope you can.
Thank you in advance for your efforts. I will appreciate your help a lot!
I do not have an idea who can I ask about this issue so I decided to ask you for help.
As far as I know there shall be only few bites changed.
Would you please kindly check the attached files?

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Re: Stilo 150hp EDC16C39 EGR DPF REV limit OFF PROBLEM

Postby tizz » Thu Aug 02, 2018 12:15 pm

Your dpf off was only partial, full solution is manual.

Before write my file you have to go back to ori one and using diagnostic :

- reset soot
- perform dpf replace
- oil reset

When its done, flash with my file.

Follow this procedure, otherwise it won't work.

For pass send me PM, file is free.
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