Software to decompress BCB tot BIN and viceversa

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Software to decompress BCB tot BIN and viceversa

Postby Alfa156 » Mon Mar 05, 2018 9:02 pm

Does anyone have tool or the knowledge to decompress a BCB file format (file for an Alfa 156 2.0 Twinspark with a M1.5.5 ecu) to BIN format and the other way around ? A lot of files are in BIN and they have to be converted to BCB before they can loaded into the ECU using MPPS.
The problem is also that the old M1.5.5 ecu connot be read with any tool so you have to depend on file's from the internet (not ideal!) and a lot of them are in BCB so that's why I need to convert them also form BCB to BIN.

Anyone ? Help will be very much appreciated !

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