Simos 10 1.2tsi big turbo tuning Misfires

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Simos 10 1.2tsi big turbo tuning Misfires

Postby haddumex » Sun Mar 25, 2018 2:08 am

Hey, guys. My Simos 10.2X 1.2tsi (big turbo controlled with vaccuum wastegate and boost controller) is misfiring beyond 1 bar of boost. Its not Spark Plugs, cables or the Coil Pack as they are only there when the PUT sensor (MAP sensor before throttle body is connected. If i disconnect it, i can run as much boost as i want without misfires but the AFRs drop in the upper RPM (beyond 4500-5000) from .75 lambda to around .90 which prevents me from making more than 200whp. When the Map sensor is connected the AFR stays constant but it misfires badly.

No error codes.

Hopefully someone with experience with the new Simos12 Simos18 ECUs has had this problem and can help.
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