Opel Astra G Z20LET Bosch ME1.5.5 K-Line

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Opel Astra G Z20LET Bosch ME1.5.5 K-Line

Postby Omar » Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:14 am

Hey guys,
I have read this Opel Astra G Z20LET Bosch ME1.5.5 K-Line via obd2 with MPPS V16.

It was able to read and worked perfect! So then i modified the file and Winols has corrected all checksums (there are 36)!

Then i wanted to write the ecu also via obd with MPPS and it also shows that the checksums are okay all 36 !

But as soon as the flash is deleted it shows ERROR ! I can recover with Ori file but no chance to write the mod file !
I have tried it 5 Times (with every advice from the Internet i was able to find) like named it BCB. & BCD. instead of BIN. File but nothing works !

So i am hoping to find a solution for this ecu or any help please !
it is crazy it writes ori file but not mod file which has same checksum....

Best Regards,

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