Opel astra 1.7tdci dtc

All about how to remove FAP and DPF filters

Opel astra 1.7tdci dtc

Postby noslen » Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:29 pm

Hi to all
I`m looking for a litle help here
Opel astra 1.7cdti 125cv

This car cames to me with dpf off but all dtc table delete
put the original to find his problem "fuel pump pressure regulator" but now i try to make a good defap

All programs delete dtc table...i have it work and now problem with dpf but dtc on temp and pressure sensor and i dont know much about denso

Can someone delete dtc's i have and see if its a good dpf off and egr?


I find this valeus twice in winols but not good solution the way i did
Best regards
Ori and mod file
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