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Help and tips about your tune, post your work in here.

Audi A3 ASZ Hard file

I load this file from my car, i bought it at some years ago!
I know the file is hard, because it have much torque at low rpm, and it already grind some clutches!

If some body can say analyze that and say what think about it! And if possible, opinion about what i can improve!
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Compare remap VW scirocco


A few years back I used to tune cars in my neighborhood. I did learn the basics on how to remap EDC15 and EDC16, but at some point I decided to buy remapped files from some serious companies. And only do the reading/writing part myself. Now I'm not so sure anymore if the serious companies made better remaps. Maybe some of you guys can tell if the following remaps is good quality?
I'll start ...
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TDI EDC15VM+ Stage 1 first try

Hello to everyone.
That is my first tune for my own car Audi A4 B5 TDI VP 110hp, manual transmition with EDC15VM+(OBD2 flashable).
My car is stock, only EGR is mechanical removed.
In this file i tune Fuel map, Turbo map, Glow(coolant) map, Generator load,LC map, Hot start map, EGR off(for coding 1 and 2), MAF by MAP on coding 1, coding 1 is edited to be manual(from auto trans), DTC off and other.
Here ...
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2006 Octavia 1 PD101 AXR Attempt #1

Good day,
thats the second forum where im posting.

Firstly, after reading all basics i just compared PD101 AXR and PD130 ASZ with thougt that I could just copy data from one to the another, but it didnt worked this way, so i just left my shame in the pocket and decided to post here.

So, thats the first attempt of tuning.
I just want to be safe, because thats my daily.

DW: +2 mg/stroke ...
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Focus ST 2005 225hp


i have here a file from a Focus st 2006 225 hp. Car has upgrade intake, fmic, 3" exhaust etc. but we are not shure that is made a chiptuning. i have nothing to log for ford so maybe here is anyone can help me to see ist original ore tuned.
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Golf V BKC 1.9 PD

I am asking you to rate my first file for Golf V 1.9 bkc.
I will be very grateful for the tips
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Audi A6 3.0TDi - EGR Off and Stage1 - from a tuning site

Hi guys,

I had some credits for a tuning site so I thought I would send them my file for Stage 1 and EGR off.

Anyone want to comment on the work done?
I haven't had a chance yet to see the differences for myself, but I'm a complete novice anyway.
I have worked out and been advised though that the best way to turn off EGR on my ECU is to 0 two of ...
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Hi guys,

whats wrong with this file ? I tried to turn off EGR because it gives error with flow and engine check light is shown on cluster.

Then I zeroed hysterese maps, but it still shown engine check light.

Could someone check this file ?

ECU Number : 03G906021LB

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Cordoba ASZ

guys i have a tuned file that is on the car(wasn't done by me and don't have the original)
the question is what can i improve to the tune(the purpose is to learn)
I have done egr off,Launch Control and SVRL.
Sorry if there are some miss spelling because English is not my native language
Thanks in advance :thumbup:
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BMW 320d 150hp first tune

I need your opinion guys, I made my first tune for my personal car.
My aim is : IQ about ~80mg, RP 1700, Boost 2650 mBar.
The TL maps are all set to 500Nm for testing purpose only.
I modified also the duration and SOI maps, and calculated the EOI (max is set somewhere near 6 ATDC).
I tested this map and I'm not so proud of it, I get a lot of smoke ...
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