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Honda Accord iCTDi

My car is Accord VII gen 2.2 iCTDi.
i'm aiming for light mod due to stock small IC. I don't want more than 400Nm and around 180hp.
I'm not sure did I change all limiters I have to becouse i don't have full mappack file.

Please let me know what You think.
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bmw 320d 136cv

Hello i tune my own car i am now running this remap file this is the stage 1 becouse im wating a firad 50%+ and gt1749v.
My stage 2 will be firad nozzles gt1749v and map of 3 bar i read some post to how to do the mad linearizacion.
i have some cuestion for the you when i will do the remap for big nozzles i need to remap all fuel maps and limiter ...
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Passat B6 1.9TDI EGR DPF OFF

Hi Forum,
Can someone check the file if what I did is right? I have edited 2 hystesis maps for the EGR, and DPF with switch, there is a mappack of the maps edited.
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Rate fileservice tune :P


Can somebody rate those tunes? :)

Best regards
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Petrol/Gasoline tuning ME7.5


I remapped my car after reading alot about tuning

my car is audi tt 1.8T 180ps (235nm) and my goal with this remap is about 215ps (290nm)



made LAMFA primary fueling by setting LAMFA to 0
set TABGBTS to 900 C when KFLBTS is activated

LDRXN modified to match my power/torque goals
KFMIRL no need to modify
KFMIOP modified slightly to match my requested LDRXN and to match KFMIRL
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Would you guys be able to check my tune and let me know what you think

Its a stock alh with just 0.216 injectors
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First mod on EDC16

Im trying to mod a file from a Seat Leon 2.0 tdi PD engine, no DPF.
I Did some modifications i would be nice opinions from expert guys.
I try do not give %.
Ori file, mod file and mappack attached. Just change 2 block.

Thanks in advance.
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Hello people

Please can you check out the tune as it keeps over boosting and put the car in limp mode and is Hesitant and vents off the boost . Have i missed something in regards to boost limits? it's a 2006 seat Leon 2.0 tfsi bwa engine code
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Audi a3 1.9 PD 131 ASZ

Hellow, this my mod file in car, I pay for this remmap. Please rate this file and can i ReConfiguration any maps? I think on Turbo Boost map up 2500mbar because i think save limmit on this turbo is 1.5mbar. I looked Soi and DOI maps but have not changed. And I want to make little moree black smoke :D ...
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BMW M47 DDE3 original or not?

Hello to everyone! Excuse me for my English :) I need Your help. I have Galleetto 1260 and I downloaded soft from my car. Can You tell me this soft original or not? I compare two soft (my and original from site) and I see differences. May be my Galletto can't read correctly?
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