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BMW e90 120kw 163hp EGR

Hello everyone!

So I have been reading through this forum for quite a while now. My mission was to read the ecu file myself and somehow remove the egr from it. So after some time of preparation I finally commited to doing the ecu read myself. I think i oreder a cheap mpps clone or something like that from china which i used for reading the ecu. of course it didnt go well the first ...
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VW Passat 2.0 TDI

i'm trying to find EGR Map on My Passat 2.0 TDI
I have Fault Code P0403 and now i want to turn Off The EGR.
Can Anybody Tell me wich adress the Map is located?
Thanks for your answers!
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audi a4 b8 2.7

can somebody make me EGR OFF
thank you
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audi a4 b8 2.7

I want to cancel the EGR
the question is: will it affect the engine in any way (good or bad)?
for example in my car an Audi a4 b8 2.7 2011
thank you
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EGR Off Audi A4 B7 edc16


I removed the EGR valve completely from my A4 yesterday. I gather disabling a present valve is different to removing one completely.

If I could get some help i'd greatly appriciate it. Thanks.
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Egr off Audi A4 2.0tdi edc16u31

I try turn off egr, set value to 0 hysteresis 2 and 5 but now is fault - egr sensor 2 Signal too Low. Now my egr plug disconnected and I want delete egr that it would be not connected. So what’s next step? I want understand how and why change Ecu program that egr it would be full delete. Maybe someone could help :angel:
My ...
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BMW E61 530d EGR OFF Help


I need some help to turn egr off for my 530d 231hp.
I read out the ECU by MPPS and i have try it with WinOLS, but i don't think, that it is still working.

After write the remap, i see the live data in dr. gini, that the egr valve open and close.

Is somebody here, to help me please, or coud explane what i had done wrong?
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2.0TDI 170PS 03G906018HB SN100L6000000

Hi Guy's
Need yours help to do EGR OFF in my car.
2.0TDI 170PS BMN
BR, Black
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Hello guy's

i'm new to this forum and also to chiptuning.

I myself work as a mechanic in volvo machines cranes, wheel loaders.
for several years.

in my spare time i like to be busy with cars and now also ecu's and such!

now I wonder, how do I find the EGR folder or folders. and how do you see where the start and the end is?

have been looking at signals for a week ...
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Ford 1,6 TDCi EGR

Good day. Please is there anyone who would know to remove the EGR? I would need it today. Well thank you.
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