My first tuning EDC16C39

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My first tuning EDC16C39

Postby otello » Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:47 pm

Hi everybody.

I made my first tune. I hope some experts could give some advice. :D

Here is what I did...
1C177E Drivers Wish modified for 600nm
1C379E Suspicious Turbo map But I modified it :D
1CDE94 IQ limiter modified to 120mm^3
1CE00C IQ limiter by Temp modified to 120mm^3
1CF30C Smoke Limiter By Maf 7 maps and I couldnt find Smoke map selector so I decided to modify all to same.
1CF550 Smoke Limiter By Maf
1CF794 Smoke Limiter By Maf
1CF9D8 Smoke Limiter By Maf
1CFC1C Smoke Limiter By Maf
1CFE6C I dont know this map untouched.
1D00B4 Smoke Limiter By Maf
1D02F8 Smoke Limiter By Maf
1D06F6 NM TO IQ Map modified for 600nm
1D093A NM TO IQ Map modified for 575nm
1D0B7E NM TO IQ Map modified for 585nm I made these changes couz I think ecu selects which is nearest wanted value.
1D1C46 I think this is Smoke by Temp limiter I made some changes take a look please.
1D285C IQ Limit by Engine oil Temperature. Some value changed for 125mm^3
1D631C Start Of Injection Map 1/5 , Totaly I have 5 maps. I made changes for EOI on TDC. Ty to Alex.T for EOI Builder v1.3
1D6560 Start Of Injection Map 2/5 , And I couldnt find SOI selector so I made all same.
1D67A4 Start Of Injection Map 3/5
1D69E8 Start Of Injection Map 4/5
1D6C2C Start Of Injection Map 5/5
1E34D2 Duration Map, Some calculations for new IQ s
1E40F8 What is this map, I dont have any idea ?
1E55CA I think this is Air pressure vs Temperature to Lambda ... I dont know ???
1E625C N75 Map I made some changes for new IQ s
1E70DE Turbo Pressure Map 1/3 I made some changes for new IQ s
1E7322 Turbo limiter some values are maxed
1E7EF0 Turbo Pressure Map 2/3 Some calculations for new IQ s
1E8134 Turbo Pressure Map 3/3 Some calculations for new IQ s
1EE556 I think this is SOI Limiter I made some calculations for high rpm and high IQ s
1EF08E Rail Pressure , Some values are rised.
1EF402 Rail Pressure Limiter , Some values are rised.

This is my first tune for my everyday car. I made some changes for power and some of them are economy.
I hope some experts help me to advance this tune for more economy.

Thanks and Best regards.
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