My first tune BMW E65 EDC16CP35 Stage 2

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My first tune BMW E65 EDC16CP35 Stage 2

Postby Omar » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:54 am

Hi guys,
can someone please check my tune ?
It should be Stage 2 with speed limit off and (EGR off) . (DPF still active)

I was not sure about the 13 piece of 16X16bit maps from Adress 0D5A78 to 0D77F8.
Must these values be changed or is it not neccesary?

(had many problems because Damos files and mappacks are not same Software number as my file) :thumbdown:

(It is really my first try for Power increase so please don't :evil: me ) :D :angel:

best regards from Austria,
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