My 206 2.0 HDI story 3xx HP GOAL

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My 206 2.0 HDI story 3xx HP GOAL

Postby zapdus » Sun Jan 08, 2023 11:21 am


Im a true car lover and I absolutely love diesel chip tuning
I started chip tuning many years ago, and learned everything in forums like this hours and hours of reading every day
All of this took me very long time because i dont do mechanics, im only the chiptuner
I also fix computer hardware and software, when I started at cars, my goal was to read and clear DTC
To give an idea, I didnt know that cars had 3 pedals (throttle, brake and clutch), I thinked that there were only 2 like in the simulator :roll:

Also asking friends and family for cars to test diag tools and other stuff, bought my own car TDI and started to make tests
But then I had a bios programmer which was capable to program... guess what 29F010
I started to use diag tools a lot, meet people with car fix shop that also had problems with diag tools and virus, clean install windows, install all software, and I started to meet chiptuners, and was watching carefully their job
Bought cheap programmers and started to learn and making my tests
Later tuned a ton of 1.9 TDI VP PD stage 1 2 3, 300hp+ and all type or stage 1 diesel or more, JTD, HDI, BMW 2.0D and 3.0D, mercedes CDI 220, 270, 320, 350

From 0 knowledge to now I have original tools, original software, I tuned some of the most reputable diesel cars on my country
Also made Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI 300hp+ running on Siemens SID803A ECU !!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
When I bought forged rods for my 2.0 hdi 90 engine the seller gave me a contact of a guy that also bought rods and he said to me his 2.0 HDI 136 couldnt pass 250hp, just lot of black smoke, rail deviation, car shutdown, I was impressed because he got SIEMENS +120% NOZZLES :shock: :shock:

Had a chat with him and he said he had Galletto and PP2000
He sent me his file, I started to improve, told him to test few files and after some problems car was doing 2.6 bar with very good turbo spool and little smoke, he was all time sending me videos really happy couldnt believe because he had also friends chiptuners that I also knew and was big fan of their work, I couldnt believe I did the tune where big company didnt do
Also some of his friends and people saw my work and he asked me to do some files for other diesel cars
I work a lot on these cars highly tuned cars and I understand why companies dont want to do this type of work, takes too much time and knowledge and they have high expenses to pay, store shop rent, taxes, tools and also have a life and its easier just to do some DPF EGR stage 1 work where mostly nothing goes wrong, turbo doesnt break, clutch dont slip, etc and u receive money fast

As for my car I really dont feel in love with any car in particular, I just wanted to have a car where I can learn as much as possible
Looking for a 4-cylinder cheap car common rail, some Fiat JTD or PSA HDI which could give me the biggest difference between stock and my tune

Ended up almost going for JTD but one of my friends that was mechanic had a 206 2.0 HDI 90hp laying around with 2 seat and he couldnt use it anymore because his family grown to 3 people
But also JTD is easier, because you have stronger models that you can fit 16V head, bigger nozzles are there easy on market to buy, can fit rail ramp with DVR directly, have mechanical lifters, have quite information and many things plug n play

So I decided to build 2.0 HDI 200hp at that time, had engine out for repair and get timing belt done all oils, etc, was getting big intercooler and pipes ready, upgrade pump R65 to R70, boost tee, just a start for 150-160hp
I just wanted to have fun with some friends and race a bit, and 1.9 TDI PD in my country easily get over 300hp and my 206 couldnt keep up with them even against 1.9 TDI stage 1

Then some days I see some 206 2.0 HDI with more than 300hp going in front on stronge TDIs I was impressed ofc
One of them broke engine and I bought some parts including his 2060vklr turbo

A couple of time has passed and my 206 was on garage without engine waiting for parts to be fitted a lot of time
I got very disapointed because it was taking a lot of time
As I dont like to get angry with people and all didnt ask all time when the car is ready, I bought another car with same engine very cheap

Asked another mechanic to fit my bigger turbo, exhaust, intercooler and pipes
I made wirings to ecu to fit map sensor and 4 bar map sensor and delivered him car 100% stock next day
In 4 days I get a call
Your car is ready, come to get it

This is where Im blessed because I bought original MPPS that writes this ecu in 20-30 sec
I writed maybe like 50 files just to get VNT working
It was a nice summer day, I was driving car and hanging out with friends
The car was not opening VNT and making sound like lifters fail VNT too much closed, working in 3 cylinder etc

When I finally made the VNT working me and my friends were totally shocked by the performance of this car really
And the sound of the exhaust when VNT opens is just beatiful, a piece of art :!:
Then I made some more files to test car for faster spool, had to play with VNT control maps like the map it self and PID, etc
Which was very hard
Most of people will say this is just stupid to spend so much money on this old car and pointless, yes its kinda true

But the fun I had with friends are knowledge I obtain, there is no price for this
Most of days I went out with car to have nice time with friends, my teeth started to feel a bit bad because I laughed too much
We were getting even more impressed because the car was so cheap and so high mileage, performance and sound was brutal
With covid and war and all bad things people here started to get very poor, little money and sad getting into depression
Some people like smoking, drinking, watch football
I just like get into my car ear straight pipe with VNT opening and I forget everything and I just go as hard as I can, too much adrenaline
I advise you all to drive this kind of car or even more powerful once on life

When I started to chiptune cars people always go to those who have years of experience and pay a lot but also receiving bad tunes
I saw tunes where the only modification was like 10-20% in the whole duration map
Also started to chiptune cars because I wanted to work and earn little money and I knew a lot of bad quality tuners were doing bad jobs, they just dont care
People will have problems and come to me later and they really dont mind to pay to have good tunes
Because tuners nowadays do job on car, good or bad, take the money and mostly disapear, dont answer the customer anymore, just dont care if car has error or limp mode or other

Later I fitted improved camshaft and also asked my 307 2.0 HDI 136 friend which had the SIEMENS +120% nozzles to get BOSCH +120% nozzles for my engine
I was thinking, how the hell did he get +120% siemens nozzles? But then I thinked
If he got +120% siemens, then +120% bosch should be easy
And guess what, I got +120% nozzles from the same place as him, car works perfect
However I was a little disapointed because car had problems after so much work to get all these parts and when I try to raise boost car has sound like lifter fail, I also fitted new lifters thinking it was lifter problem
I still didnt solve this problem yet, but hope to solve it soon like in less than 1 month
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Re: My 206 2.0 HDI story 3xx HP GOAL

Postby Shooting » Sun Jan 08, 2023 11:55 am

Don't get it, what's the joke mate?


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Re: My 206 2.0 HDI story 3xx HP GOAL

Postby zapdus » Sun Jan 08, 2023 12:05 pm

Shooting wrote:Don't get it, what's the joke mate?


Sorry dont know where exactly to post

Can move or delete it if it is not good

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Re: My 206 2.0 HDI story 3xx HP GOAL

Postby peugeot01 » Sat Aug 05, 2023 9:05 am

Hello, How can i contact you?

I would like to get a bit of help on duration maps on peugeot hdi.

Thank you

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