MSD80 protected against reading Help

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MSD80 protected against reading Help

Postby Gixfighter » Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:15 pm


I have a BMW 335i with MSD80 ecu which is read protected (tried Kess). I bought the car recently, and previous owner does not know who tuned the car.
I want to tune the car further including hardware upgrades.
Which tool and software is good to get the file out of the ECU? is this K-tag or any other?
I assume when I have the file I can read it with any type of software (Tunerpro / winols?). So meaning, the ECU is only read protected, but once I have the file it is not encoded or anything?
I have no experience with read protection of ECU's, done a few EDC16 in the past but all with factory software.

Thank you!

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