MSA15(68Pin) to EDC15(121Pin) Adapter

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MSA15(68Pin) to EDC15(121Pin) Adapter

Postby made.ecu » Wed May 08, 2019 9:22 am

Hello Guys!

I´m new here at and already reading and searching for much information for my project car.
I´m working on an VW Mk3 Syncro which i first engine swapped from the 1.9tdi 1z with wastegate turbo,
to the 1.9tdi AFN with vtg turbo.

Now as i built an selmade exhaust manifold for running an 3.0tdi turbo which was changed from elctronical to negative preasure, an frontmount intercooler bigger nozzles and a bigger pumphead 11mm different camshaft new head gasket and so and so on..
I wan´t to make an adapter for running the EDC15 instead of the MSA15 becuase it can be tuned via OBD.

I have both wiring diagrams, one of my car and one of the car where the MSA15 came out, an MK4 with ALH Engine. (Please tell me if I´m allowed to post these here)
But my skills in reading wiring diagrams is not that good and so i wnated to ask maybe someone here have already done something like this or can help me here, as i would really like to tune the car by myself and get it running properly.

When the wiring is done, the engine will be placed in an MK2-Syncro and before bolting it in, i will put in new rods, new bearings, new piston rings, maybe i will also port the head of the engine.

Thank you and best regards from Austria!
(Sorry for the bad English)


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Re: MSA15(68Pin) to EDC15(121Pin) Adapter

Postby davegsm82 » Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:21 pm

I'm searching for MSA15 tuning files but came across your post, it is possible to make an adapter from 68 to 121pin,I have a pinout diagram somewhere which I will post it up below.

My VW T3 now as a TDi with a 68 pin ECU, but I made a complete loom to take the 121 (EDC15) ECU and CANBUS cluster, I used this diagram so I know it's at least partially correct.
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