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MEd 9.1

Postby AdrianRo » Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:41 am

I have an issue with my 2.0 tfsi map, med 9.1. Stage 1 it's working well, where over boost is about 19 PSI the n75 deviation at group 111 stays to -2 -6 -3 10, but when i write another file with stage 1+ where over boost is about 22 psi (close to map limit) the turbocharger goes crazy and boost spike to 29 psi over boost and hold it there for a significant amount of time, most of the time engine cuts off for 1 second. Now i assume that if map limit is about 22 psi and and requested boost is close to map limit, the ecu does not know how much the boost is over 22 psi to correct it, because the ecu only knows is at 22 psi, the problem is not only the over boost but the the fact that ecu corrects the mixture very slow and might be a possibility to heat up the turbocharger until glows because of the lean mixture.
Can anyone help me with a map definition for 2.0 tfsi BGB engine and help me to correct the map limit?
My map sensor is the same on any 2.0 tdi engine and i saw this sensor working to 30 psi, so in map must be a location where sensor is limited, or linearized to max to 22 psi.
The file was not made by me. I understand how things work in ECUs, is not first time but i can't find a definition for my file.
Here is my file. the file also includes a launch control to 4000 RPM and about 14 psi and no DTC for cat monitor.
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Re: MEd 9.1

Postby adriancl » Wed Apr 28, 2021 1:36 pm

Look for KFLDRL map .

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