Looking for 03L906018BG 125kw original

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Looking for 03L906018BG 125kw original

Postby CodeEnos » Tue Apr 28, 2020 5:25 pm

Hi everyone,
first of all, I'm indeed beginner in tuning, but not in software engineering in general. So forgive if my question seems amateurish, because I really did put my effort into trying to find the answer to it first.

Can someone confirm to me that this map is original one of 125kw engine and that other properties in the file name are correct?
I'm asking because it seems to me that it shares too much of data as the 103kw one that I will be putting as attachment also.

I was just trying to see the difference between the two, so I could better understand the difference in those two engines, considering that I know as a fact that injectors on them are the same. (I have the 103kw one)

I thought of buying 125kw ori file from ecubin, but I was afraid that:
1. I will get the map from the same source I already got mine
2. I will get the same map which really is 125kw as the one in the attachment

So, I am looking to find a: Passat 2.0 tdi 125kw 2011 03L906018BG ori file
and maybe much appreciated answers to my questions : )
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