Kess V2 5.047 - 2.47

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Kess V2 5.047 - 2.47

Postby TilQ34 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:23 pm

Im about to purchase the original Kess V2 Master.

Can I trust it? How big is the chance to brick or hurt a ECU if it's not a problem from the user?
If HW / SW are correct and protocols in the list, can it still damage something?

Is it only the BMW series that are as extra comparing with a Clone-one? Or also other brands like Volvo etc...?

I found allready the tool from Ebay and also from Alientech, anyone knows where to purchase it without paying the VAT(have VAT and company)

Thanks allready

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Re: Kess V2 5.047 - 2.47

Postby pokeyb » Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:22 am

Very little chance of bricking an ECU if you follow the instructions, and it's nice to have Alientech support for recovery. Like most tools, KessV2 does automatic checksum correction. Alientech is organized into regions, so you may have a hard time finding someone to sell you an official tool outside your region since it would infringe on someone else's territory. The KessV2 requires an internet connection to work (no standalone option unless you specifically request it). The Chinese tools are gradually becoming outdated, and I wouldn't trust them anyway...

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