Keihin SH 7055 Motorcycle Map Identity - help required

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Keihin SH 7055 Motorcycle Map Identity - help required

Postby ktmjockey » Mon Sep 12, 2022 5:11 am

Hi guys,

I have been using WinOLS to work through a couple of .bin file for a KTM and have identified all of the main maps (MAP Fuel, TPS Fuel, Ignition, 2nd Throttle valve etc...).

There are two 3D maps that I can't identify and a large number of 2D compensation tables I'm still working through so is there any advice for Keihin ECUs with deciphering fuel enrichment vs enleanment compensation tables etc???

Map 1 - Fuel Related

This table is at the end of the Fuel section so we can't be fully clear which X axis it uses (MAP or TPS) but the layout is consisted for each RPM regardless.

A bit hard to see but the Z value is 31 then drops down to 14 at 1250 RPM and slowly increases back to a value of 28 at 8500rpm and stays there. I believe this to be a Speed Density/Alpha-N relationship table defining which sensors take preference at a given

Map 2 - Mystery 8 Bit table

All of the data tables on the ECU are 16 bit but there's an 8 Bit data table with 16 bit axes which is a little odd (only by virtue of being different to every other table on the ECU).

I have seen a similar table in later ECUs/Models but not sure if this is related to target AFR etc? It doesn't have data at 0 TPS which is where the ECU is already in closed loop mode so not sure how likely AFR target is for this one.


Something I've noticed in almost all KTM ECUs is that TPS (0 - 100%) is only used for Ignition whereas another value is used for Fuel and Throttle Axes. I was thinker perhaps it was engine load but have seen values in excess of 100 ... is there a general rule of thumb for these axes?

2D Tables

Is there a good way to determine which tables correlate to Coil Dwell Time, Injector Dead Time, Acceleration enrichment etc...?

Will continue reading as much as I can but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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