John Deere Yanmar engines tuning EDC17CV54 NEW XDF

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John Deere Yanmar engines tuning EDC17CV54 NEW XDF

Postby OldSkullT » Mon Sep 12, 2022 3:11 pm

New TunerPro bin calibration file (XDF) for John Deere tractors (Yanmar engine) with engine control unit Bosch EDC17CV54.

Some of the supported tractors:

John Deere 4044M 2.2L
John Deere 4049M 2.2L
John Deere 4052M 2.2L
John Deere 4066M 2.2L
John Deere 4044R 2.2L
John Deere 4049R 2.2L
John Deere 4052R 2.2L
John Deere 4066R 2.2L

and all other John Deere with Bosch EDC17CV54.

Price 60 euro

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