Improving AFR 2.2 HDi

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Improving AFR 2.2 HDi

Postby MothaHDI » Wed Oct 16, 2019 1:52 pm

Hi! This is the stock AFR from my car (PUG 406 2.2 HDi EDC15C2 manual with GT15 VNT turbo) and now, i'm confuse what to do... These value seem prety low to me. My goal is to improve low end horsepower and i dont drive above 3000rpms.
Thanks :D

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Re: Improving AFR 2.2 HDi

Postby casianoros » Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:53 pm

Hi there,

Not long ago you had written on my post, as for your question I did try once to improve my Afr on lower rpm, almost at smoke around 17, I can tell you that I had reduced the amount of air injected at that moment so that I have the same amount of fuel, the result was quite impressive good fuel consumption by 1 liter almost and a little more torque with good responsiveness.

You sould try it, by the way in my opinion dont go to low around 14.9 that is quite low for a diesel I think and you will have smoke I guess not, or maybe I had smoke cus my injection was pritty long but stay in the 16's :-D I would suggest

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