Identifying what hard & software we need

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Identifying what hard & software we need

Postby maurice » Wed Sep 05, 2018 9:42 pm

Hello everyone,

We are a group of friends and we all recently purchased 50cc chinese scooters.
We would love to get a bit more power out of our scooters, since the ecu has limited them to 25 km/h.

We already contacted the manufacturer in china but we got no reply...

All that we know is that in the scooter is a:

> Rongmao ECU
> OBD2 connector

Does anyone know how we could for example let our scooters run 50 km/h?
Is OBD2 a universal standard? Is it as easy as purchasing an KESS to remap the ECU?

We basically have no clue where to start...

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