help with SOI / duration mod Octavia 96kW PD

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help with SOI / duration mod Octavia 96kW PD

Postby bestian » Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:10 am

can you please max out this map
to be perfectly fit for GT1749VB (stock one 1749VA and with that, this tune was just good, with VB it has great lags before power comes) turbocharger and large front intercooler?

I tryed to do this quite well, but not sure about SOI, durations etc.. which i think is the only way that keeps it from reaching around 200/210BHP.

There is wanted file marked as Octavia, then ORI file
, then something that i tryed and would like your opinion..
rate please.bin
whether something can be used from it as a good mod.

Thanks, any oppinion and help is appreciated.
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