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Postby markland » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:46 pm

Hello everyone. Im very happy I came across this forum, there is so much good information here. I have no experience tuning, but can usually figure everything out with enough help and reading. Ill probably be better off paying someone though.

I have a w211 E320cdi OM648. Looking to install AMG C30 injectors simply due to cost and factory injectors are all screwed up. If i were to go down this path I just need to make sure I have someone that will be able to provide me a tune for this. Would like to remove EGR and swirl as well. Engine currently has (Brabus) tune i believe just do the the fact it says it on the plastic cover. Might be cool to look at the ori file and see what they did.

I figured this was the best place to post as I am new here. If anyone has any suggestions on the injectors I would be very happy to listen.

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