Hello from Brazil

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Hello from Brazil

Postby Pedrohlt » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:46 am

Hello, my name is Pedro, I'm a car enthusiast, Mechatronics engineering student and used to work with mechanics in the army. I have a 2008 VW Polo with a 1.6 naturally aspirated engine (ME7.5.20 ecu). In the past years I've done many engine mods on it. Now I'm running it with a T2 turbo @17 psi, 8 fuel injectors (4 oem + 4 bosch 42lb/h controlled with a additional injector module), forget pistons, better/stronger rods from another vw car, ceramic clutch and some other stuff. Almost all done by me on my garage :lol:
I started searching this forum to learn more about ecu tuning. My major problem right now is a very annoying error that my ECU gets when the manifold pressure sensor reads some boost with partial throttle. It enters in "security mode" and cuts the engine at 5000 RPM. I'm limiting the MAP sensor voltagem to 3.68v (what it reads at atmospheric pressure) and it works ok at WOT and low loads, but at higher loads and partial throttle, when it starts getting boost, it enters on security mode. I searched everywhere, but didn't find much about this particular engine and ECU. So I'll open a thread and hopefully somebody can help me with this.


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