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Postby Pitcher » Thu May 17, 2018 6:08 am

Hello all,

Upon a very specific search, I came across this site. :D
I was happy to see someone had researched my blight. :oops:
I own a v10 Audi. Well I owe the bank. A 2009 audi s8 8-)

I should have researched the vehicle more but i did not i wanted a v10 sedan. This one specifically.

Wow was i not ready.

The first couple months it spent more time at the indy than i drove it. Roughly 6 months into owing on it, it was apparent major maintenance was necessary. After the maintenance was complete something great was present, an ecu compensating for poor equipment operating with new. The vehicle was soo powerful for 1 hour due to the ecu's adapting to the fresh equipment it mellowed out.

I want to know what and how this happened.

I look forward to reading and learning vehicle computing from this group.


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