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From ecm to winols

Postby Pickle » Wed Sep 21, 2022 9:36 am

Hi all

So as per my intro

Iv been writing files for a year now on ecm and I write daily estimate around 20-30 maps a month

I still find petrol turbos an arse ache

Na and diesel I do with ease I have all official tools

AT & K3

Ecm & swift

I wanting to go to winols as ecm drivers 7/10 find them then I have to request which if after 1700hrs British time it’s a tomorrow job or Monday if it’s a Friday so cutting my working hours short

Is wins a software with the correct training as i did ecm an easy migration?

I get it’s not straight forward and need to learn but reading up some have mentioned it for beginners can take hours upon hours To write a mod ?

How true?

Also thanks to another decent member I clicked a link and took me to Evc page for plug ins that sounds better having map packs etc but is that for paying each vehicle is €300 a pack or is they a one for all ?

Please I’m wanting help not pay you for answers or get talk to search around Iv searched and that’s why I’m writing this up as only go so far

Even asked the training company who give very little info


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Re: From ecm to winols

Postby Midnight » Sat Oct 01, 2022 8:28 am

ECM is a very "Narrow minded" program compared to WinOLS. WinOLS is a raw editing tool with no limitation on what you can see and change. There are no "Drivers" as Alientech calls them. You need to source your own DAMOS (.DAM .A2L) Files and match them with software and hardware versions.

To do this you need to purchase the Damos import plugin and Translation plugin. This will let you import damos files. It does not provide you with any. if you dont use Damos files you are working in the blind for the most part. You can train your eye to recoginze maps and the various bytes in general. but for doing things the proper way, Damos is pretty much needed. WinOLS Is by far superior in every way. Yet it does not come cheap.

Go with a genuine version and watch some youtube videos of people using it. read up a little in here on the finding maps/Definiton part of the forum. Lots of great info for newcomers of WinOLS.

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