Finding Fuel Load and Start tables on a Damos

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Finding Fuel Load and Start tables on a Damos

Postby pedrosm » Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:43 pm


I am trying to do some DIY mods on the map of my car (Alfa Rome 147 2.0 / ECU HW 0261206707), and I have managed to get the original map plus some Damos on the internet. I basically want to modify the Fuel Load Table and the Start Ignition Cranking Table (for E85 ethanol), but I can't find those tables on the Damos I have found, because it has way too many addresses and they are in German. I used Google Translator to translate the CSV but I still find it very hard. Also I am not sure if these Damos are really for 0261206707 or if they are for 0261206708. Can someone give me a hand to find the tables I search for and identify the HW of the Damos. I am sharing 3 different Damos I find, plus my original map here:!Qlo3lYBD!o2oqudhwaYhJldFia5883w

Thanks for your help!

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