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EWS 2 Immo Off Emulator

Postby timmii » Fri Apr 27, 2018 7:48 pm

Hey Guys, first of all im new here and this is my first post :angel:

My question is: Did anyone of here use the EWS Emulator for BMW with ISN Code?
I got one but the support isnt that good and i cant connect to it. I can read the DME without problems (Bosch M5.2 from the M44 engine)
When everything is connected it get this response (from the emulator setup utility) : Not connected
When its not connected and i try anything i get: No echo from k-line

So in my oppinion i get some response because of the changed error code - may there be a driver issue or because of the cable?

I can flash and read every IKE,DME and so on. Just this emulator gives me some headache.

Thanks in advance and greets from Germany!

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