EGR off EDC16c39

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EGR off EDC16c39

Postby MJRVR » Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:57 pm

WinOLS (Opel Astra-H (Original) - A50316).rar
Hi all

Can someone confirm if I am doing this correctly as I am new to this.
Astra H 1.9cdti with EDC16c39 I am looking to turn the EGR off am I right in thinking I have to change the value in 1CB68A to zero?
Sort the checksum out and I'm ready to go?
What will this actually do?
Will it remove the fault codes that would exist for disconnecting the EGR and the flow rate code?
Does it do anything else?

Will the DPF be happy?

Sorry for the newb questions.

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