EDC16C35 bricket with Mpps v18

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EDC16C35 bricket with Mpps v18

Postby omegarules » Tue Jul 26, 2022 7:15 pm

Hi guys,

I decided to modify my ECU, so I took a file with Mpps v18, full data via OBD.
I got the file that seemed to be correct. File was modified and while I was trying to load it to ECU (voltage above 13V, auto mode - so it went for CAN) it asked me if I wanted to do checksum correction, so I agreed. Then it was displaying "erasing flash" for few minutes and eventually "no reply from ECU" and that's it. No communication with ECU, mpps can't see it anymore.

I took the ECU out and hooked up KTag to it.
ECU communicated, took full backup and at the end there was a pop up message saying that there is a problem with checksum.

When I took individual backup of micro, flash and eeprom it let me do all of these, but I got message "checksum error" when taking backup of flash and flash file has strange size (only 544KB), EEPROM 8KB which seems to be correct and micro 512KB - this also looks correct.

This tells me I have problem with flash.

Is there any way of bringing this ECU to live again with tools I have?

Mpps v18, Kess, KTag, Inpa (Dcan+)

Maybe someone has this KTAG full read for my ECU?

Bosch edc16cp35/c
Bmw hw Id 07810980
Bmw sw id 07797506
Bosch hw number 0281015241
Bosch sw number 1037390902

File read by KTAG attached (this is after failure) - I can also post full obd read with Mpps (that was successful) if any help.

Can I please get any help?
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Re: EDC16C35 bricket with Mpps v18

Postby Tishka25 » Wed Jul 27, 2022 10:12 am

WinKFP and update ecu....If there is an ecu diagnostic...

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Re: EDC16C35 bricket with Mpps v18

Postby selveti7 » Wed Aug 10, 2022 3:59 pm

if you haven^t try to start the car there is still chance to upload the ori file ... but you have to use version mpps v16
cause your mpps v18 seems to be not ok ... they can break without even notice i hade those problems ... because they are china tools with cheap parts and made in series

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