EDC16C34 Volvo C30 DTC table and path adresses?

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EDC16C34 Volvo C30 DTC table and path adresses?

Postby NMCJ87 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:32 pm

Hello friends!
Oh boy! Here we go!

So someone tried to turn of The EGR in this car, a Volvo C30 1.6D, zeroing the hysteresis maps and so on, but the ECU keeps throwing some DTC's.
We came to the conclusion that the EGR's electric motor is dead, or something very close to dead, so we unplugged it and now the only error that is registered is a 4420. In two different machines there are no P-Codes, only what I assume is a manufacture specific.

The Questions:
There is something fishy in both hysteresis maps isn't there? adresses: 1C4C1C, 1C4C4E
Can I use the same method that is used in VAG EDC16 to switch DTC's off?
What are the adresses of the DTC table and DTC switch table? Because despite being a PSA engine with an EDC16C34 that is pressent in several cars from the PSA and Ford group, the code is completely different from what I've seen before.

How deep in manure am I? :lol:
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