EDC16C31 1037396107 XDF

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Re: EDC16C31 1037396107 XDF

Postby rlees85 » Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:08 pm

Relic wrote:I have added the 8x1 table to the xdf.
Looks like a rail pressure limiter that shuts fueling down from 1670 bar or more.
Changing the 1700 value from 800 to 0 should allow 1700 bar before the rail shuts down.

I also found these single value before the rail tables area.
F3F8A... -700 700 -500 500 17200 16700..... (= -70 70 -50 50 1720 1670 bar [oem=1600] ??????)
They may or may not be significant (16700 only occurs here and in the 8x1).
Could be related to the 1600-1670-1720 bar with 1670-1600=70 and 1720-1670=50
Indeed the 1670 may well be a single value limiter on its own.
But leave them for now and see what happens with the 8x1 table.

Pictures of logs would be appreciated ;)

Anyone who comes across this, based on digging around in a BMW Damos file for EDC16C31, I am pretty sure in this context:

17200 is a single value absolute max rail pressure, will probably shut down engine immediately if breached
16700 is a single value max rail pressure, I guess this will make the ecu take 'drastic action' (throw open rail valve ??) if breached

I have changed both these values on my Accord i-CTDI to 1750 and 1710. The ECU is NOT bricked ;) but can't really confirm if it has really made the limit higher or not as I am only running 1650, balls not big enough to go higher, but I wanted more than 20 headroom for really quite harsh limiters

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Re: EDC16C31 1037396107 XDF

Postby nbinszky » Tue May 16, 2023 3:20 pm

I have a Civic 2.2 with 1037528451 sw version. Does anyone have xdf for this?
Because all xdf here is not good for this bin file.
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