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EDC15P+ Recovery

Postby ORMOPL » Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:24 pm


Octavia 1u5 1.9 TDI AXR
038 906 016 PB
I bought another ECU for gaining some knowledge.
First of all I turned off IMMO and checked on car. Everything was okay
Then I got one mistake and put org. 019NC instead of proper 019PB.
With no tryouts on car EDC Started properly on table, so i put modified flash. On table - everything is okay.

After solving problem with checksums in VAG EDC Suite and succesfuly run EDC on table i put it into the car.
Firstly - Cars is behaving like wouldnt there any ECU. Then Im trying to connect with instruments, and i can see and hear that ECU started.
I am able to start the engine, and connect with ECU in car.
When i pull out the key and wait about 3 secs, i need to restart procedure.


1. 019NC flash did some mess in eeprom
2. Modified 019PB flash is broken (To be honest i did not checked on org file)
3. Issues with immo?
4. Issues with EEprom.

Car on orginal ecu is working well.

Please advice what Should i do?

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