Costum Mercedes Sprinter ECU map

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Costum Mercedes Sprinter ECU map

Postby alexgh » Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:29 am

I am making a project: Mercedes Sprinter with 3.2 CDI and automatic 722.6 gearbox.
What I have:
Mercedes Sprinter with 2.2 CDI 129 hp inline 4 cylinder engine and manual 5 gearbox.(Ecu CR 2.15 HW 4.0)

Mercedes W220 S320 CDI with 3.2 CDI 197hp inline 6 cylinder engine and 5 automatic gearbox 722.6.

What i will do you the wiring harness:
Get the gearbox wiring harness and put on Sprinter( It have 5 wires:+,-,diag,CAN H, CAN L).
Get engine wiring harness and plug in one of the ECUs.

What I want:
1.Make a ECU(prefferably the 3.2 one because i will need the automatic gearbox setup) to work with the Sprinter key or directly immo off.

2.EGR off

The ECU SW are different but the HW are the same! The wiring from car to ECU are aprox the same!
Both ECU are readed with Kess with the universal 3 wire cable(red,black,yellow) mounted on the Sprinter.
The 3.2 engine is different from 2.2 by having a MAF, EGR, and 2 more cylinders(from my observation).
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