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Change SW version | PUG 406 RHY EDC15C2

Postby MothaHDI » Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:09 am

Hi! So i have a pug 406 RHY remaped by myself but i'm in constant struggle to remap diferent stuff because of lack of info on my "type" of ECU... I've found alot of maps base on the most common type ecu but stuff like linearizations, SVRPL, etc. its really hard.

ECUEDIT once said:

ecuedit wrote:your file has totally different single value rail limiter logic and also pretty different when you start to dig for power above 200hp, as it also contain rail diagnosti limiter wich stucks at 1350bar...this file has no suitable damos, and must be done by experience.

Anyone know anything to help me?

I will leave my ORI and the ORI from the same engine, down below :cry:

Current setup:
-About 140hp (0-100km/h on 9,2sec);
-PUG 508 intercooler;
-MBC (1,3 boost);
-EGR Deleted;
-Very well maintained;
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