Can't afford a new DPF canister

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Can't afford a new DPF canister

Postby flex302 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 5:45 am

2008 Sprinter om642 / EDC16CP31-8.30
I'm helping out a friend that has no money for a DPF filter. I was hoping to get his truck out of limp mode by doing a DPF/EGR delete so that he can get back to work. I'm doing this for free and I could use a little help retrieving the ECU file. Bought a Galletto 1260 with the supposedly good chipset but I'm not having any luck. First off I realized that the truck's OBDII connector did not have a wire going to pin7 for K-line communication so that wasnt going to work as I saw that the Galletto only communicates on K-Line. Might be a North American thing IDK. Knowing that this ECU did have K-LiNE capability, I put in on the bench and proceeded to connect direclty to it. Pin 5 to 14vdc constant, pin 41 to 14vdc via an ignition switch simulator, pin 2 ground and pin43 to the K line of the galletto. The activity light on the galletto did seem to flash a little but still no luck. Couple of answers to some questions that might point me in the right direction:

1) Is the Galletto 1260 supposedly capable of downloading and uploading with an EDC16CP31-8.30 on a bench as described above? Keep in mind the software did not have an exact match for the vehicle in question. I used both NA and EU drivers for the EDc16cp31 / OM642 engine.
2) Does a factory immobilizer block communication with an ECU that's not in the correct vehicle? If so, does remoiving the immobilizer function allow the ECU to communicate on a bench to a GAlletto 1260?
3) If the GAlletto1260 is not up to the job, what could I use that's relatively inexpensive to upload and download to the ECU? Can it be done through CAN bus or must be through K-Line?
4) Lastly if I'm finally able to provide a file, can a good samaratin here proceed to do a DPF/EGR and possibly a swirl valve delete? I'm getting codes for the swirl valve and it seems unreliable on these engines and not necessary.

I appreciate any help/comments on this, it's for someone who's in need

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Re: Can't afford a new DPF canister

Postby adriancl » Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:15 am

have pm

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Re: Can't afford a new DPF canister

Postby Shooting » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:35 am

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