Calculation of Duration map EDC16

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Calculation of Duration map EDC16

Postby otello » Sun May 27, 2018 11:42 pm

Im newbee sorry for that couz I will ask a newbee question :D

How can I calibrate the duration map ? I mean the injector timings / quantity / pressure map

or Do I need to recalibrate it ? I think this values arent calibrated well. Im not sure about it. I found some datas on internet which is Bosh CRS3.3i injector datas and CRS2-16 injector datas. But it seems my injector times a bit short like; 50mm3 fuel and 1600 bar pressure got 639 microseconds but bosch says it must be 750.

Im confused about that.

Do I need a dyno ....
car is 2008 kia sorento diesel 2.5l I think injector type is CRS2-16 which is 1600 bar like my duration map max values.

Thanks and best regards.

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